17 Interesting Facts About Pink Floyd

10. The song ‘Arnold Layne’ is based on a real thief

The first single of Pink Floyd – ‘Arnold Layne’ is actually based on a real person whom Roger Waters knew. That person used to steal women’s knickers and clothes from the washing lines!

11. Pink Floyd recorded live

In the year 1972, Pink Floyd released an album which was recorded when the band was playing in an amphitheater in Pompeii without any audience. That’s authentic now!

12. Records made by “the Dark Side of the Moon”

The Dark side of the moon is the most successful album of Pink Floyd. It was so successful that it was on the charts for 591 consecutive weeks i.e. 11.4 years in Billboard top 200. That’s why it had been recorded in The Guinness Book of World Record. In some billboard chart it was for a staggering 26 years! I’m speechless. One of those moments when I feel like a dot in the universe. Not such a bad feeling though.. except for the ego.. oh well, “a bad day for the ego, is a good day for the soul.”


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