Roger Waters Says: “Me and David Gilmour will never be friends”

Roger Waters says he and his former Pink Floyd bandmate David Gilmour are “not mates” and “never were”.

The two musicians have had an acrimonious relationship since Roger quit the group he co-founded in 1965 back in 1985 describing them as a “spent force creatively”.

In the wake of his departure, bassist-and-vocalist Waters sued his former bandmates, guitarist Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and late keyboard player Rick Wright, to stop them from using the Pink Floyd name which was a battle he ultimately lost and now accepts was “wrong” to start.

Since his departure, Waters has only performed with Mason and Gilmour back in 2005 at the Live 8 charity concert in London, and during his own performance of ‘The Wall’ at The O2 arena in 2011 on a rendition of ‘Comfortably Numb’.

Although the legal row damaged their relationship, the 73-year-old musician insists he and 71-year-old Gilmour – who joined Pink Floyd in 1967 before taking on songwriting and vocal duties in the wake of original frontman Syd Barrett’s departure in 1968 – were never close friends during the 18 years they spent in the band together making iconic albums and touring the world.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: “Dave and I are not mates, we never were and I doubt we ever will be. Which is fine, there’s no reason why we should be.”

Further discussing the Pink Floyd dynamic, he added: “I love Nick. And he loves me. We were always close. But you can be creative without being friends. David and I did a lot of great work together, which wouldn’t exist without both of us being there.”


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4 thoughts on “Roger Waters Says: “Me and David Gilmour will never be friends”

  1. If Waters is twice the musician Gilmour or Wright were, why do I find his solo albums unlistenable? I’ve never in my life said, “I’m in the mood to listen to Roger Waters.” He’s a great lyricist and was at one time a great songwriter, but musically he’s nothing without his former bandmates. In contrast, the solo efforts of Gilmour and Wright—not to mention the post-Waters Floyd albums—while occasionally lacking spark, are all quite listenable. And Gilmour and Wright each managed this while being twice the human being Waters is.

    1. I listen to “Radio Kaos” all the time. One of my favourite albums of all time. I can’t remember the last time I’ve listened to any part of a Gilmour album. And despite that Gilmour was able to steal the Pink Floyd label from Waters, waters is still worth twice as much as Gilmour.

      If one of the themes of the latter years of Pink Floyd were isolation and alienation, I am entirely convinced that that petty and hateful fuck Gilmour was most likely the primary reason for the sense of isolation and alienation Waters wrote about.

      I am entirely convinced Waters was driven from the band, despite that his was the talent that made them multi-millionaires.

      Did you look at the newer version of Pompeii? Waters contribution to Echoes was only represented by about 5 seconds of video in it. Petty, petty, petty – Fucking Gilmour. He’s the asshole, not Waters.

  2. I don’t downplay either of them. Each one has his own unique talents. I understand, in a very small way, how disagreements happen in a band. I started out in the garage/basement with my fellow bandmates eventually graduating to performances at local clubs, & private parties. The proverbial “I think we should do it this way” comments can drive a wedge real quick. We mostly solved this simply by realizing the need to stay together outweighed personal gratification. However, when a small time group breaks up, it really has no significance in totality. If Pink Floyd were to continue, it would only by one factor & one factor alone; the debt these guys owe the fans. Regardless of their talents, it was all the fans who bought their records & attended their concerts, is what made these guys filthy rich. Without the fans buying their products, Pink Floyd wouldn’t enjoy the prestige they have today. This would be something I’d never forget, if I were one of the members and since they could keep their fanbase content with a record and subsequent tour every five years now this is very little to ask anyone. Of course this will never happen so it’s best to not compare and contrast for we did enjoy them while they were together.

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