Roger Waters Says: “Me and David Gilmour will never be friends”

Waters was responsible for tackling politics and subjects such as mental health and isolation on the band’s acclaimed albums ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Final Cut’ – the latter two mainly being conceived by the rocker.

Despite him giving Gilmour credit as a creative individual, the rock legend is adamant he is a more talented musician than him and Wright – who passed away in September 2008 at the age of 65.

He said: “The music is hugely important to me. It may sound daft to say, but over the years I maybe haven’t taken quite enough credit for it. I think the idea that Rick and David particularly tried to sell me in the band, when I was a young man, was that I was a bit of a headmaster but I shouldn’t bother myself with music because I wasn’t musical. It’s absolute crap. I’m twice the musician either of those guys ever were. I just am. I’ve got it in me.”

Waters is getting ready to release his first solo album for 25 years in June, entitled ‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’, which he has recorded with Pink Floyd fan producer Nigel Godrich whom he has credited with paying “homage” to the group’s signature psychedelic sound on the record.

Waters has also helped put together ‘The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains’ which is to open at the V&A Museum in London from May 13 to October 1.

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3 thoughts on “Roger Waters Says: “Me and David Gilmour will never be friends”

  1. Total and complete narcissistic megalomaniacal prick as usual. I guess Syd wasn’t the only one with mental health issues. What a knob.

  2. If Waters is twice the musician Gilmour or Wright were, why do I find his solo albums unlistenable? I’ve never in my life said, “I’m in the mood to listen to Roger Waters.” He’s a great lyricist and was at one time a great songwriter, but musically he’s nothing without his former bandmates. In contrast, the solo efforts of Gilmour and Wright—not to mention the post-Waters Floyd albums—while occasionally lacking spark, are all quite listenable. And Gilmour and Wright each managed this while being twice the human being Waters is.

    1. I listen to “Radio Kaos” all the time. One of my favourite albums of all time. I can’t remember the last time I’ve listened to any part of a Gilmour album. And despite that Gilmour was able to steal the Pink Floyd label from Waters, waters is still worth twice as much as Gilmour.

      If one of the themes of the latter years of Pink Floyd were isolation and alienation, I am entirely convinced that that petty and hateful fuck Gilmour was most likely the primary reason for the sense of isolation and alienation Waters wrote about.

      I am entirely convinced Waters was driven from the band, despite that his was the talent that made them multi-millionaires.

      Did you look at the newer version of Pompeii? Waters contribution to Echoes was only represented by about 5 seconds of video in it. Petty, petty, petty – Fucking Gilmour. He’s the asshole, not Waters.

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