17 Interesting Facts About Pink Floyd

13. The front cover of “The Dark side of the Moon” was decided in 3 minutes

For the cover of this album there were seven options. When asked which one to choose all the members of the band choose the one with prism.
And we all know why they chose this. Do we ?

14. When “The dark side of the Moon” became the best album to have sex to

In the year 1990, radio listeners in Australia voted that “the Dark Side of the Moon” as the best album to have sex to. Hmm.. Gotta buy that one!

15. They were the first rock band to use live surround sound

The Pink Floyd used Azimuth Co-coordinator quadraphonic sound system. In 1967 during performance at auditorium Richard Wright used joystick for 270 degree surround sound. Later in 1972 they upgraded to a 360 degree surround sound. Boys and our toys! Love em! Mine are Guitar and Tabla 🙂


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