17 Interesting Facts About Pink Floyd

4. A low- tech start up
its live performances with visual effects. At the beginning of their career they used slide projectors and also colored condoms stretched over lights to bring the visual effects. Creativity really has some liberty as to explore art! Or should I say exploit things. Boom! That doesn’t look low tech now!

5. A multimedia affair

Since 1966, every live performance by Pink Floyd was accompanied by a film which was projected at the back of the band. This helped them in setting a backdrop and creating the mood and excitement among public. Their elaborate live show made them one of the most influential and commercially successful rock band in the history of pop music.

6. Rebellion or Revolution? or Stupidity ?

The most successful single of Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” was a song written to protest against boarding schools and rigid school policies. They were influential and this one is a good influence. Schools are just creating what the corporates need. Boxed brains to serve them the way they want. Like the army. They got it all upside down.


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