17 Interesting Facts About Pink Floyd

7. David Gilmour’s guitar collection
Guitarist David Gilmour loves his guitars and has an extensive collection of classic guitars. He even owns the Fender Stratocaster with the first serial number!

8. The dog in ‘Seamus’

In the 1971 album ‘Seamus’ there is a dog. This dog actually belonged to Steve Marriot. When Steve was touring, David Gilmour watched the dog and eventually discovered that the dog would howl whenever someone played harmonica! Ma dawgg ! Must be trying singing! Music does that buddy! Them feels!

9. When kids sued Pink Floyd
have heard “Another Brick in the Wall, Part – 2” then you will remember the chorus of school children singing the line “We don’t need no education”. In the year 2004 these school children (who had become adults by then) filed a lawsuit against the band and demanded to get paid. It ultimately proved unsuccessful. We need education but not rigidity and schools are not necessary for education. One must appear for exams and get a degree. But you can study on your own. They weren’t against education, but schooling.


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