10 Fun Facts Only Floyd Freaks Know About Dark Side of the Moon

6. It’s not the only Floyd album acid freaks sync up with movies.

Ever since the mid-’90s, stoners, trippers and the extraordinarily bored have been blowing their own minds by syncing up Dark Side with MGM’s classic The Wizard of Oz film and watching a few coincidental synchronicities occur, including the Scarecrow’s brainless dance during “Brain Damage.”

While it’s cool to think about the band orchestrating a bizarre soundtrack to a golden Hollywood oldie, Waters, Gilmour and the others have bristled at the very suggestion that their opus had anything to do with the Emerald City.

The real mindfuck, of course, is that Floyd fans have actually tried syncing up other albums and films, including The Wall with Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Meddle with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Is it a stretch? Um, yeah. Lots of luck getting high enough for this sort of experimentation to be enjoyable in the slightest.


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