10 Fun Facts Only Floyd Freaks Know About Dark Side of the Moon

9. The album was nominated for a single Grammy… …and not for the band. The only man honored for his work on the album with a Grammy nomination was its producer, Alan Parsons, who parlayed his newfound notoriety into his own successful recording group, the Alan Parsons Project. Never best-known for their humble attitudes toward creative credit, Floyd’s members have downplayed Parsons’ role in capturing Dark Side in the 40 years since, although they did ask him back for Wish You Were Here. (He declined.)

In truth, Parsons probably did deserve this Grammy. The engineer made use of some of the most cutting-edge studio techniques at the time to create the 16-track, quadrophonic mixes. Not bad at all, when you consider everything was being put together using tape and razor blades.


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