Queen’s Brian May Celebrated The Inauguration Day of The Elected United States President Joe Biden

Brian May

Iconic guitarist and Queen co-founder Brian May recently posted a photo to his Instagram account celebrating the inauguration day of President-elect Joe Biden.

As you know, Brian May often uses his social media accounts, and specifically his Instagram account, to share his social and political views, his everyday life, his favorite artists, and the memories of him. However, he also uses his account to raise awareness on important issues such as human rights, democracy, gender equality, the environment, animal protection, child protection and many more.

In his recent Instagram post, he congratulated both Joe Biden and the United States on their new journey. He said that even though there are thousands of miles that separate them, he was there wholeheartedly with America on the day of the inauguration of the president and vice president.

May said that people around the world applauded and ‘wept tears of joy’ upon seeing this historic inauguration, as they ‘have probably saved the world too.’ He said it is a great relief to see that democracy, unity, truth and decency will be restored in the United States and that everyone is filled with high hopes and big dreams.

Here’s what Brian May had to say in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Congratulations PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN ? YES We may be 5,000 miles away, but, in front of our TV’s we clapped, we cheered and we wept tears of joy. Democracy, decency, unity, truth… all have come close to death in the past few years. Now there is hope. Big hope – big dreams. Congratulations dear AMERICA and welcome back. You have probably saved the world too. Bri”

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