Architects Release Music Video For ‘Dead Butterflies’


England-based post-metalcore quintet Architects will release their ninth studio album, “For Those That Wish To Exist“, on February 26 via Epitaph. The album comes as a sequel to the band’s acclaimed 2018 release, “Holy Hell,” which took a look at the pain and despair at the heart of losing a brother, bandmate and best friend in Tom Searle, the group. founding guitarist.

The official music video for the album’s third single, “Dead Butterflies,” can be seen below. The clip was filmed at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall in November last year.

The groundbreaking Royal Albert Hall performance was broadcast live on November 21, garnering critical acclaim and setting live streaming records for the genre. NME gave the performance a perfect score of 5/5, calling Architects “a band at the peak of their talents” and stating that “on the basis of these new songs, they are heading to a truly remarkable place.”

Dead Butterflies” follows previously released tracks “Black Lungs” and the colossal single “Animals,” which have amassed more than 18 million views and 8 million views on YouTube. Additionally, “Animals” is currently number 18 on MediaBase’s Active Rock radio chart.

In “For Those Who Wish To Exist“, Architects examines the role we are all playing in the slow destruction of the world and addresses the most important issues facing the future of our planet. Such concerns that have long prevailed in the music of a band that have continually championed and shared their platform with causes like Sea Shepherd are outspoken critics of barbaric exercises like fox hunting, and they focus on sustainability in everything from his tours to his merchandise. production.

The album’s 15 tracks hang in limbo between the energizing positivity that it is not too late to correct our collective course and the paralyzing negativity of defeatism; where hope and discouragement are bedfellows triggered daily by the simple fact of existing. A reflection of the human condition, “For Those Who Wish To Exist” demands that we all rise up to challenge established models and fight for a collective betterment.

“This album was me looking at our inability to change to a way of life that would sustain the human race and save the planet,” summarizes principal songwriter Dan Searle. “I wanted to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question of what are we going to do, as opposed to trying to point the finger at politicians. Change has to start on a personal level. The world has developed a culture of wanting someone else to deal with it, when we need to take our own responsibility. It has to start there.”

“For Those That Wish To Exist” track listing:

01. Do You Dream Of Armageddon?
02. Black Lungs
03. Giving Blood
04. Discourse Is Dead

05. Dead Butterflies
06. An Ordinary Extinction
07. Impermanence (feat Winston McCall of PARKWAY DRIVE)
08. Flight Without Feathers
09. Little Wonder (feat. Mike Kerr of ROYAL BLOOD)
10. Animals
11. Libertine
12. Goliath (feat. Simon Neil of BIFFY CLYRO)
13. Demi God
14. Meteor
15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe

Architects is vocalist Sam Carter, drummer Dan Searle, bassist Ali Dean, guitarist Josh Middleton and Adam Christianson.

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