Pink Floyd to Tour Without Pink Floyd Songs

London, England — The surviving members of legendary rock band Pink Floyd will reunite next year with a North American tour. A tour that the band says will be “on Pink Floyd’s terms.”

“We’ve decided to put our grievances – our very strong grievances – aside and just sort of get on with it,” says guitarist David Gilmour via Skype, “and the only way we could manage to do that was to put the entire Pink Floyd repertoire aside for this tour. Roger [Waters] has refused to play any Pink Floyd songs, and I am okay with that.”

Roger Waters just laughed. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” Waters says. “I’m willing to play virtually any Pink Floyd song ever written. I have, however, explained to Dave that I won’t perform the shit he put out as an impostor of the Pink Floyd band. We have these various points of disagreement, but I think Dave, Nick, and I all are willing to do what Rick would have wanted us to do.”

Rick Wright was the keyboardist for Pink Floyd since the band’s founding, going back to the Syd Barrett days when Roger didn’t think he ran the whole thing. Rick Wright died on September 15, 2008. Wright’s passing has cast many doubts on the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion, as he was an integral part of the sound of the band.

Drummer Nick Mason explains, “Rick was always the peacemaker in the group. Without him I didn’t see any way to get Dave and Roger to work together ever again. Can I have another beer, please?”


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