Pink Floyd to Tour Without Pink Floyd Songs

“Picking and choosing which songs to play, rather than turning into slap-fights, has actually been quite cathartic for the three of us. Oh, yes. It’s been quite a lot of fun. I’ve never played any music but my own, you know? And it’s quite interesting to hear some of my favourite songs done in the Pink Floyd style. It’s really a lot to take in, really.”

The music we heard was angelic. Gilmour’s voice transformed Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ into a psychedelic voyage. Roger Waters’ interpretation of Primus’s ‘Tommy the Cat’ had our faces melting. I kept the DVD. I didn’t – wouldn’t – give it back to Mr. Mason. He was kind enough to leave it with us at the Scooper offices. We swore we wouldn’t show any of you any of it.

“We agreed that it might be a lark to sort of get our aggressions out by playing songs that we weren’t so invested in,” explained bassist Roger Waters to the Nevada County Scooper by phone. “The fans who hear our version of The Grateful Dead’s ‘Casey Jones’, they’re not going to complain. Any more than the fans who hear us do a Pink Floyd version of Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’. The songs we’ve chosen are really all quite beautiful tunes that send some sort of message.”

Pink Floyd’s North American Tour will start in the Spring of 2017 and will span just 8 cities. Get your tickets now.



13 thoughts on “Pink Floyd to Tour Without Pink Floyd Songs

  1. It’s this attitude fro Roger Waters thats the problem, like many GREAT bands it’s the combination of the whole that makes them so special. Roger being such an angry young man wrote great lyrics, but it took Gilmour and Wright to give them meaning and soul. Why would Gilmour and Mason need Waters on tour for not playing Floyd songs ? his vocals are poor at best and he’s an average bass player.

    1. Interesting if this isn’t B.S.! (Is this April 1st? 😁)

      I thought Nick Mason was too busy with his Saucerful of Secrets tour.

      I could see a mini tour in the U.S., but not an all out, full fledged, tour. Probably only in the U.K.!

  2. I think what that egotistical maniac is saying they can only sing floyd songs under the original flag. Not after glamour continued the band !!

  3. I don’t care what they think of each other I would give everything for a chance to see David Gilmour.
    Having said that this story has made the rounds a few times so I doubt it’s legit but one can only hope.
    David Gilmour … please. Please. please
    Come to Australia

  4. Gilmour is the real reason they haven’t played together since live Aid. He has said that many times since then. Waters was the one that finally wanted to do it, but Gilmore said it was done!

  5. I just want Dave Gilmour to your UK Again
    Just amazing.. would be nice if they joined up not holding any hope .
    Gilmour is a genius!

  6. Get rid of Waters They don’t need him Floyd has put out great music since roger water tatrum. He can’t sing anymore

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