Van Halen’s Singer, Sammy Hagar, Revealed a Big Misconception Considering the Album He Released 38 Years Ago.

Sammy Hagar

Former Montrose and Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and revealed a big mistake considering the album he released 38 years ago.

As you probably know, Sammy Hagar is quite active on social media and often uses his Instagram account to post personal videos, share new projects, and interact with his fans. This time, he used his platform to inform his fans and followers about a misunderstanding that has lasted for almost 40 years.

“Three Lock Box” was Sammy Hagar‘s seventh studio album and was released in 1982. The album achieved critical acclaim and even rose to number 17 on the Billboard 200 album charts.

However, as you may recall, the album name, “Three Lock Box”, and the cover art were often considered to have sexual implications. With his recent Instagram post, Hagar revealed the true meaning of the phrase and how he meant it.

In the caption of his album cover Instagram post, Sammy Hagar said that ‘Three Lock Box’ means mind, body, and spirit as if you unlock the three gifts and balance them, then you reach your mental potential physically and spiritually.

Also, it is known that in the past, when queens and kings decided to travel by sea, they kept their valuables in a chest with three locks. Therefore, the three closed chests are actually a symbol of royalty and not a sexual metaphor.

On the 38th anniversary of his album, Sammy Hagar wanted to clarify the meaning of his album title. The photo was commented on by hundreds of Hagar fans who shared their love for his seventh album and appreciated his wisdom considering the meaning behind “Three Lock Box.”

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