Top 10 Post-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Songs

3 ‘The Truth Explodes’ (a.k.a. ‘Yallah’)

From: Page and Plant, ‘No Quarter’ (1994)
It’s the track so nice they named it twice — ‘Yallah’ on the original 1994 version of the largely Zep-revisiting live album ‘No Quarter,’ and ‘The Truth Explodes’ on the 10th-anniversary reissue. There’s four new songs here; ‘Wonderful One, ‘Wah Wah’ and especially ‘City Don’t Cry’ are lovely, exotic and experimental, but they’re also rather gentle, offering Page little to do but strum an acoustic guitar. But don’t worry, he gets his rocks off on this one, spitting out rough, fuzzy riffs before going full mad scientist with an effects box that looks like it was built by Albert Einstein himself.


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