Suzi Quatro Will Release a New Studio Album, “The Devil In Me”, on March 26

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro, the 70-year-old rock pioneer who burst onto the scene in the 1970s, will release a new studio album, “The Devil In Me,” on March 26 via SPV / Steamhammer. The first single from the album will arrive on February 19.

The reasons for Suzi’s remarkable creative explosion: on the one hand, the confinement, which took her away from her usual touring life in the spring of 2020, and on the other, another collaboration with her son Richard Tuckey, which had already worked very well. on its predecessor album “No Control”.

Says Suzi: “As of spring 2020, almost a hundred of my shows were canceled, and Richard would have been on tour with his band as well if not all the concerts had been canceled or postponed. So I said, ‘We should take advantage make the most of our free time, write new material and be inspired by the things that are currently happening in the world. ‘

“I already knew that Richard and I made a brilliant team; after all, ‘No Control’ had been a great success and a very special recording for us. Although I never would have thought we would be able to overcome it. But everyone who has listened to’ The Devil In Me ‘and everyone who has worked on the previous album has told us,’ This album is even stronger.

“The Devil In Me” features Suzi’s full range of musical diversity plus a host of surprises. From rock songs like “The Devil In Me”, “Get Outta Jail”, “Motorcity Riders” and “Hey Queenie” to quite unusual songs like “Loves Gone Bad” inspired by the pub atmosphere, with its intimate atmosphere, or “In The Dark”, accompanied by elegant piano and provocative saxophone sounds, Suzi is presented from a wide range of different aspects.

Suzi says:

Richard wanted this album to have a through-line so that you could put any track on, and it just fit… He also said he wanted this album to be as important and groundbreaking as my first one. So that is how we approached this project, and that is what we accomplished.”

Track listing:

CD Version

01. The Devil In Me
02. Hey Queenie
03. Betty Who?
04. You Can‘t Dream It

05. My Heart And Soul (long version)
06. Get Outta Jail
07. Do Ya Dance
08. Isolation Blues
09. I Sold My Soul Today
10. Love‘s Gone Bad
11. In The Dark
12. Motor City Riders

2 LP Version:

Side A:

01. The Devil In Me
02. Hey Queenie
03. Betty Who?
04. You Can‘t Dream It

Side B:

01. My Heart And Soul (long version)
02. Get Outta Jail
03. Do Ya Dance
04. Isolation Blues

Side C:

01. I Sold My Soul Today
02. Love‘s Gone Bad
03. In The Dark
04. Motor City Riders

Side D:

01. Can I Be Your Girl (bonus track)
02. Desperado (bonus track)

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