Nick Mason’s 5 Favorite Syd Barrett Songs

Nick Mason's 5 Favorite Syd Barrett Songs

Astronomy Domine

“I believe it’s got a great science fiction vibe to it. It’s interstellar, however it’s also a bit more astrology. And then there’s a fantastic little bit of Sixties philosophy mixed with a kind of psychedelic lyric. For me, it is also really fun to play due to the tempo. It reminds me a little bit of Ginger Baker, who was a huge influence on me. There’s a Ginger Baker-style of drum fill in this tune. The song starts with our manager reading the names of the planets. Those were the days when management was involved in the artistic decisions as well as the business,” Mason told Rolling Stone.


“From what I remember about this track, all of the clocks on it were recorded for real. The lyrics to this are so very Syd, astonishingly clever. It’s fun, however there’s a depth of sadness to them. When I listen to it now, I realise how young and immature we were and how hopeless we were at coming to grips with Syd’s breakdown.”


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