Alicia Taylor Asked Corey Taylor to Keep the New Video Games Away

Slipknot Icon Corey Taylor’s Fiancee Alicia Dove

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor‘s wife Alicia Taylor shared a post on her official Twitter page revealing that she actually asked Corey to keep new video games away from her so she could finish her latest project, “Macabaret.”

As you may know, Alicia Taylor is a fairly active user of social networks both on her official Instagram page and on Twitter. Especially on her Twitter page, Taylor shares her political views, dance videos, and her gamer side that fans appreciate and admire.

Plus, her fans know her so well that most of them share posts on Twitter saying that Alicia should become a broadcaster for the video games she plays, and apparently everyone agrees with the idea.

Since her fans are aware of Alicia’s love of video games, her latest post on her official Twitter page was not a huge surprise to them. Apparently, Alicia insisted her husband, Corey Taylor, not give her new video games as they will all keep Alicia away from her work for at least a few days.

This is what Alicia Taylor said in her last tweet:

“Told CT to wait to give me the new video games until I have finished filming Macabaret because once I get those puppies in my hands I won’t see sunlight for at least a few days”

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