KISS’ Paul Stanley Has Targetted The People Who Reject Wearing a Mask

Paul Stanley

KISS co-founder and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley has targeted people who reject wearing a mask despite the terrifying number of COVID cases and deaths while defining the situation as “mind-blowing.”

Pretty no-nonsense rock and roll legend Paul Stanley has appeared on Twitter once again to point out the danger that awaits us all from a group of indifferent people who do nothing but drink ‘Kool Aid’ while the rest of us poison ourselves. like Stanley said.

Stanley, the enthusiastic media watcher, finally issued a warning during Thanksgiving week, simply saying don’t make it a meal to die for. On the eve of the new year, the great musician reminded his fans of the fact of COVID-19 again.

In his latest post on Twitter, Paul said that it is mind-boggling that the number of COVID cases and COVID deaths are connected to the millions of people who have been tricked into believing in one person’s selfish agenda and misinformation.

Stanley also questioned the whole act of resisting wearing a mask while asking if it could help, why not wear a mask. Most of Stanley’s followers congratulated him in his tweet for using the platform to aid public awareness.

This is what Paul Stanley said in his last tweet:

Mind boggling that the number of COVID cases & COVID deaths are all connected to the millions who have been duped into believing one person’s self serving agenda & misinformation.

While they drink the Kool Aid the rest of us get poisoned. If it might help, why not wear a mask?”

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