Tool Lover Should Check Out The 5 Bands

Tool Band

5. Final Coil

Hailing from Leicester, Final Coil is one of the newer bands to appear on this list, having released their debut material just three years ago. In their short time as a band, they have already managed to accumulate a solid and localized following thanks to their strong live performances and their small but pleasant discography.

4. Static Tension

As the only band on this list to share their nationality with Tool, the current incarnation of Static Tension formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2014. Preferring the ‘progressive grunge’ genre label, Static Tension collects a scale of influences from the ’90s in their music, with the show’s overwhelming genre conventions of progressive rock, grunge, and even melodic metal.

3. Atomic Vulture

Despite being mostly instrumental, this three-piece Belgian group does not hesitate to show their originality, diversity, and conviction in each song.

Atomic Vulture was formed in 2011 and is generally considered a “stoner/space rock” band, although it’s almost impossible to miss the progressive inspiration from the 90s. Their tough, groovy, bass-tinged style has earned them the right to perform live with big names in stoner rock like Desert Storm, Greenleaf, and others.

2. Sleep Token

As the biggest band on this list by far, Sleep Token may be a household name to some of you. Despite releasing their debut material in 2016, it wasn’t until 2019 that Sleep Token reached gold with their debut album, “Sundowning.” This record allowed Sleep Token to break through the glass ceiling and enter the UK mainstream rock scene.

This masked group made up of anonymous musicians certainly meets the requirements for originality both in appearance and sound. Sleep Token‘s style is incredibly polarizing, traveling from musical areas like metalcore to ambient music. They also cover genres like progressive and alternative metal, but it’s almost impossible to pigeonhole Sleep Token into one genre.

1. Carneia

Returning to Belgium for the last time for our latest entrant, Carneia is possibly the closest you can get to finding a modern incarnation of Tool.

Carneia is presented through an atmospheric post-metal wall of sound, which is capitalized on with distinct vocals and deep bass. In just a few short years, Carneia has become one of Belgium’s most promising underground acts thanks to its intense live shows and hard-hitting sound. His tenacity and venom are represented on his records as 2013’s “All Tongues of Babel.” This rough album is arguably the heaviest material to come out under the Carneia name, with more recent records sounding sharper and edgier.

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