Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is Now a Purple-Belt Figher

Dave Mustaine

According to the recently published article and the official Facebook post of Gracie Barra Spring Hill Sports Academy, Megadeth founder and also leader Dave Mustaine has managed to reach another milestone in his Brazilian Jui-Jutsu career.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most famous combats sports and self-defense martial arts in the world. Kano Jigoro and Tomita Tsunejiro are the creators of discipline and it focuses on the ability to control the opponent with full contact.

In 2019, Dave Mustaine earned his first streak on the blue belt from Gracie Barra Spring Hill Sports Academy coach Reggie Almeida. While it is such an elusive achievement that few in their 30s could achieve, Dave has managed to reach another belt at the age of 59.

In the latest post from Dave’s Brazilian Jui-Jutsu coach Reggie, Dave has been advertised as a purple-belted Jui-Jutsu fighter who is also known as Jujitsuka.

Here’s what Dave’s trainer wrote in his post:

“After 2 years as a blue belt and hard training and lots of ups and downs today I had the honor to promote Mr. Dave Mustaine to his well-deserved purple belt.

Congratulations kid!”

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