Laurie Durning Net Worth

Laurie Durning Net Worth

Laurie Durning Net Worth

Laurie Durning was born in 1963 in the United States.

She got married to the successful musician Roger Waters in 2012 in New York.

Laurie was Roger’s fourth wife. Roger admitted at that moment to being very happy, but the details of the event were kept private. Seemingly, less than ten people were invited.

Durning married Roger Waters in secret at their Hamptons home in 2012 after a ten-year relationship, including a seven-year engagement.

Laurie Durning is an American filmmaker, mainly known for having been married to the legendary band Pink Floyd’s singer-composer Roger Waters.

The age gap between Laurie and his ex-husband, Roger, was a recurring topic on social media and gossip TV programs. She was 20 years younger than him, and many platforms says that ‘she outshone him’ whenever they were spotted at the beach on holidays. Many however respond by saying, ‘having a young and beautiful wife is a perk of being a famous rock star’.

In 2015 she started the divorce proceedings to end her marriage with Waters after three years of being together. Although it was a multi-million pound settlement, the fact that took the media for surprise was that Durning asked for a watch in Manhattan’s Supreme Court.

The divorce “wasn’t amicable” said the actress, and some witnesses also revealed she insulted the British singer. On the other hand, the musician decided not to make a statement about the matter.

According to the digital platform Page Six, it was a gold Daytona Rolex worth U$D35.000 that was still under his name, so she couldn’t get it back from the repair store.


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