KISS’ Gene Simmons Refuses to Talk About Music

Gene Simmons

On Twitter, legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons commented on the positive result of the Brazilian president’s test for COVID-19, which caused some fans to complain about his continued tweets on politics.

As you know, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has been downplaying the global coronavirus pandemic and urged his people to continue their normal lives. A few months ago, Bolsonaro stated that he would easily overcome the disease if he became infected. However, it was recently announced that the 65-year-old president tested positive for COVID-19.

KISS icon Gene Simmons has been using his social media accounts to show his reaction to certain political and social issues around the world. Recently on Twitter, Simmons wrote his thoughts on the news about Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, and his positive test for Covid-19.

This is what Gene stated in his tweet about the President of Brazil:

No comment…BRAZIL’s President Jair Bolsonaro Tested Positive For COVID-19

A Twitter follower named Sean MacNair seemed to be annoyed by the political tweets of Gene and asked him to write more about his music instead of politics.

Try tweeting on music for once, Gene.

However, Gene Simmons replied with a straight answer to the comment of his follower:


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