Drops Roger Waters’s ‘One of These Days’ Live Teaser

Drops Roger Waters's ‘One of These Days’ Live Teaser

The song in question is an excerpt from the classic proggy One Of These Days, the opening song of Floyd’s 1971 Meddle LP.

Previously published images of the DVD include excerpts from Pigs (Three Different One’s) and Hit and Them, the inspiration for the DVD.

The DVD, which will be released on October 2, presents images of Waters’ four-night stay at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on June 18, 19, 22 and 23 last year, with spectacular production captured beautifully. Check out the images below.


“I’m so looking forward to the launch of the movie in October. Us + Them is not standard rock’n’roll fare. Some in the audience may ‘yee ha!’ which is OK, but many will weep. That is what I hope for”

said Waters about the release.

“Homo sapiens stand at a crossroads – we can either pool our love, develop our capacity to empathise with others and act collectively for the good of our planet, or we can remain Comfortably Numb, and continue, like blind lemmings, on our current homicidal death march towards extinction”.

Sounds pretty prog.

Since the dissolution of Pink Floyd, all members have been engaged in solo ventures, with Waters rising above their former bandmates with an incredibly successful solo career.

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