Best Beatles Love Songs

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Best 10 Beatles Love Songs

1) “Something” – ‘Abbey Road’ (1969)

Was there really any question about which would be number one? Following the release of Abbey Road, the Beatles’ last recorded album, both John Lennon and Paul McCartney put their arguments aside and agreed that George Harrison’s masterpiece was the best song on the LP.

2) “In My Life” – ‘Rubber Soul’ (1965)

John Lennon may not have shown his sentimental side often, but when he did, the results could be extraordinary. That was never more evident than on “In My Life.” Originally conceived as a poem about his childhood de él, Lennon threw most of it away and fashioned his most beautiful love song around the lines he liked.

3) “Here, There and Everywhere” – ‘Revolver’ (1966)

Much has been written over the years of history about how the Beatles and the Beach Boys became involved in a friendly rivalry in the mid-1960s. But Brian Wilson’s influence on McCartney was never more apparent than in the outstanding ballad. by Revolver, equal to anything found in Pet Sounds other than “God Only Knows.”

4) “I Will” – ‘The Beatles’ (1968)

There’s so much about “I Will” that it’s hard to believe it fits 1:45 (one of the shortest songs in the entire Beatles catalog). The lyrics are not entirely coherent: one moment McCartney is not sure of his girl’s name, the next he declares his eternal love, but it doesn’t matter too much. Between the beautiful melody, the acoustic guitar riff between the verses, and its immediacy, this has been a favorite since its release on The Beatles in 1968. And the way McCartney effortlessly introduces new musical ideas into the coda is the composer’s mark at the top of his game.

5) “Any Time At All” – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964)

What is the best way to prove yourself to the person you love? According to Lennon, he is there to help her through bad times. “Any Time at All,” the last of the three songs on this A Hard Day’s Night list, spells it out in no uncertain and sometimes almost poetic terms.

6) “Things We Said Today” – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964)

Few things can break a relationship more than distance, but not here, where the memories of the declarations of love between McCartney and his girl are enough to help him get through the long nights they are apart.

7) “It’s Only Love” – ‘Help!’ (1965)

Had he been born in Georgia or Mississippi, John Lennon might have been one of the greatest soul music singers and songwriters of all time. Instead, the Liverpool native had to settle for simply being a Beatle.

8) “If I Fell” – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964)

Particularly in their early days, the Beatles were first and foremost a vocal band. His seemingly innate ability to harmonize as one was evident from his first album, with songs like “Please Please Me” and “There a Place.”

9) “When I’m Sixty-Four” – ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ (1967)

According to the story, McCartney wrote this song when he was 16 years old and forgot about it until his father turned 64, which happened to be when the Beatles were recording ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

10) “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – ‘Help!’ (1965)

It may have been buried deep in the Help! album when it was first released, but this song has become a favorite as it was one of the five Beatles songs that Paul McCartney played during his 1976 Wings Over America tour.

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