AC/DC’s Dave Evans Is He Ever Slept With Rosie

AC/DC's Dave Evans Is He Ever Slept With Rosie

Former AC / DC singer Dave Evans was the recent guest of The Metal Voice’s Neil Turbin interview and Dave revealed an interesting truth about the iconic 1977 AC / DC song, Whole Lotta Rosie.

Neil Turbin asked the story of the song and if he ever slept with Rosie. Here is that conversation, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Neil Turbin:

“I just have a couple more questions – I was wondering about the story for “Rosie” for “A Whole Lotta Rosie”. You never slept with Rosie, did you?”

Dave Evans:

“No, no, in fact, the original Rosie died two to three years ago in Tasmania over in Australia.

However, no, I’ve never met Rosie and there is a story about it but I’m not gonna tell you the story of Rosie because there might be children listening.”


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