20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Early Led Zeppelin

1 Jimmy Page didn’t always want to be a rock star. In fact, during an appearance on a 1957 episode of the U.K. children’s talent show ‘On Your Own,’ a 13-year-old Page said he wanted to grow up to work in “biological research” studying germs.

2) John Paul Jones had been known by the stage name of John Baldwin, until Andrew Loog Oldham — later manager of the Rolling Stones — suggested he take a new moniker from the title of a popular movie starring Robert Stack. He said he had no idea who John Paul Jones was; he just liked the sound of it.


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  1. 2. John Baldwin was not a stage name. It was JPJ’s birth name.
    13. Jimmy Page did not know Robert Plant and John Bonham from the Band of Joy. He’d never heard of them. Terry Reid recommended that Page check out Plant with his band at the time, Hobbstweedle. Robert Plant then recommended John Bonham to him.
    17. The cadence was from Little Richard’s Keep a Knockin’, not Good Golly Miss Molly.

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