Wolfgang Van Halen Assures That He Will Never Continue Van Halen Without His Father


Many bands can carry on after the loss of a member if they find a replacement, but some musicians are simply irreplaceable. Wolfgang Van Halen assures that he will never continue with Van Halen without his father, stating: “No Eddie Van Halen is equal to no Van Halen.”

The legendary guitarist passed away on October 6 after a long battle with cancer. His son had played bass at Van Halen since they met in the late 2000s but insists that he will not tour under that name again, as he believes it would be disrespectful.

People have been pushing WVH on the issue repeatedly on social media, especially on Twitter. One user, in particular, said, “Never say never. If the money is right, you’ll be there. And I’ll be there to see.”

For what appears to be the billionth time, Van Halen shot down that assumption.

“I can safely say that I will never replace my father in Van Halen and travel the world without respecting my father’s memory. No EVH = No VH,” he wrote. “Let go of it, but if you can’t, stop pestering me and demanding that I do so when I’ve made it very clear how I feel.”

“And most of all stop acting as tall and powerful as this turkey like I’m going to throw my morale for the right price. Fuck you, bro,” he added.

Rather than harass him over and over again, he leaves Van Halen for the legacy that he is and stays tuned for more music from his own project, titled Mammoth WVH. He released his first song “Distance” in November, and the record, on which he sings and plays all the instrumentation, is due out sometime in 2021.


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