Van Halen’ Sammy Hagar Responded to New Album

Van Halen' Sammy Hagar Responded to New Album

Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has shared a photo of himself with a simple message, and in the comments section of this photo, Sammy answered some questions he took from fans.

Here’s Sammy Hagar’s statement:

“#Throwback to the promo shoot for “Danger Zone” in 1979. And check out the Elvis button I’m rocking! ?? #TBT#AngryYoungMan #DangerZone”

A fan named Dave asked:

“Would love another album that is as heavy as 1013 was. That album is brutally heavy compared to other releases. Gotta another one of those in ya RR??”

Hagar responded:

“@davedavisquincyil yep Check out “space between” if you haven’t already ?”

Another fan named Jim shared a little story about Hagar, and said:

“Sammy do you remember Texas jam the first time you did that there and climbing all the way up to the top and it looked something like a tennis court net holding you back at the very top of the stage…man I was so amazed and such a fan…

I named my dog Sammy and food I learned most of your songs back then on guitar…man thanks for being hero and my personal rock star in my life….sincerely…you always sang with all your heart…you’re the only one who could ever sing with Eddie too and do so well…just…..thanks red rocker…love ya man…keep doing what ya do….I am….its just who we are…??????”

Hagar responded:

“@jmorrison7328 damn??PS and yes I remember climbin that scaffolding no Mas ha”

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