Tool’s Danny Carey: We didn’t know if we would still be accepted

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Danny Carey, of Tool, says he wasn’t sure if the band would still be accepted by fans because most of the tracks on the new album Fear Inoculum extend over the 10 minutes.

The long-awaited follow-up of the 10,000 days of 2006 finally ended, with the drummer making his comments in the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine, which features Tool on the cover.

Danny Carey explains:

 “I have a hard time finding validity in a lot of things I hear now. Part of it is that you get old, and I’ve kind of heard everything.

“I really didn’t know if we were going to still be accepted, because especially going this route, we went the opposite way – like making a shorter song 10 minutes long.

“We realised, ‘Oh man, is anyone even going to buy this?’ But I think people are starved for a truly alternative band.

“I mean, we are an alternative to the three-or-four-minute song bands that do their thing. I’m really happy that this has been as well received as it is.”

The full interview can be found in issue 326 of Metal Hammer,

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