These 6 Pink Floyd Facts Will Blow Your Mind (Every Fan Should Know)

1. Some Kids Sued For Royalties.

‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)’ is mostly popular for the mind-blowing bass lines and edgy guitar solo. But another key feature is the choir of schoolchildren during the second verse of the song. Producer Bob Ezrin sent recording engineer Nick Griffiths to Islington Green School and he approached the music teacher Alun Renshaw about the choir. The school received a total payment of £1000 without any arrangement regarding the royalties. But a Scotland-based royalties agent Peter Rowan tracked down the kids and demanded that they get paid and even filed a legal claim. He wanted ₤6,000 ($11,650) for the 23 children who participated in the recording. It was difficult for him to find them at first because the headmistress didn’t know about the students singing in the album and forbade the schoolchildren from appearing on radio or TV shows. He represented former student Peter Thorpe but the others weren’t the least bit interested.


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