These 6 Pink Floyd Facts Will Blow Your Mind (Every Fan Should Know)

2. There Are Two Meanings Behind This Song.

After Roger Waters left in 1985, David Gilmour stepped up to the plate of leading Pink Floyd. Their biggest hit post-Waters is ‘Learning to Fly.’ Metaphorically, this was the summation of Gilmour’s feelings of being the current creative force of the band and filling the shoes Waters left. It was the start of something new. But when you look at it literally, at the time, Gilmour was actually taking flying lessons. Not everyone may know it but flying has always been one of his passions (aside from writing memorable melodies, of course). He’s a licensed pilot with multiple ratings. Drummer Nick Mason is an avid pilot too! One on interview, he confirmed both meanings when he said, “’Learning to Fly’ is about breaking free and the actual mechanics of learning to fly an airplane.” While we can all agree that Waters was once the thematic mastermind, we can’t discount the fact that Gilmour is one of the most talented musicians in rock.


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