These 6 Pink Floyd Facts Will Blow Your Mind (Every Fan Should Know)

4. There’s Some Synchrocity With Their Album And The Wizard Of Oz Movie.

The ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ (also known as ‘Dark Side of Oz’ or ‘Wizard of Floyd’) refers to the alleged unintentional synchronization of the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ with the 1939 ‘Wizard of Oz’ film. Although Pink Floyd denies any purposeful collaboration and even shrugs it off as a mere coincidence, there are certain parts of the album and movie that seemingly appear to correspond to each other. You can actually test it yourself with the MGM lion roar as the cue. You have to reduce the movie’s audio and may need to rely on the subtitles. Some thematic alignments include the scarecrow dance just in time for the ‘Brain Damage’ track. According to the album’s audio engineer Alan Parsons, “One of the things any audio professional will tell you is that the scope for the drift between the video and the record is enormous; it could be anything up to twenty seconds by the time the record’s finished. And anyway, if you play any record with the sound turned down on the TV, you will find things that work.”


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