The Top 10 Elvis Presley Books

The greatest nonfiction ever written about Elvis Presley and his life

Since he was not only the “King” but also arguably the most famous entertainer of the 20th century, there are of course Elvis Presley books (ghost)written about him by everyone, it seems, who ever met the man. And his significance in music history has led to endless print discussions of him as a musician, celebrity, and icon. But Elvis was also the most aggressively private star of his time, difficult to know even by those who knew him best. These books attempt to understand him from all angles.

“Elvis,” Dave Marsh

There are a number of books that explore Elvis more intently from different viewpoints, but this is the only one to define him in all ways at once — who he was as a person, why he rose, what he meant to music and culture, why he was so loved and hated, why he fell. As a result, this is the first book to buy if you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, but there’s plenty of thoughtful eulogy for hardcore fans, too. The stunning Bea Feitler photos are alone worth the price of purchase.


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