The Teacher Allows The 12-year-old Student To Skip Class To Attend The Tool Concert

Tool Band

You listened? Tool goes on tour! Tickets went on sale today and a Tool fan wanted to make sure his son had the experience of his life and Tool live. There was a problem The program conflicts with the child’s music lessons, so parents made sure to clarify it first.

And the answer was perfect.

The Tool fan posted a message on Reddit that he wanted to take his 12-year-old son to his first Tool show in Houston, Texas. He wrote: “My wife sent an email to the director of his band to make sure he wouldn’t miss any practice or rehearsal the next day.” And answer?

“If there is [practice that day], TOOL is a GOOD reason to miss it. My only response, take me with you guys!

“I am super jealous that he will have that opportunity and I will not punish him for missing for TOOL. How is he doing? Do you like their new album.”

It’s great that this teacher is in her toolkit and congratulates the 12-year-old girl. You can see the tool yourself on the dates below.

Taking my 12 year old son to see Tool in Houston. My wife emailed his band director to make sure he wouldn’t miss any practice or rehearsal the next day. This was her response. from ToolBand

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