The Most Infuriating Movie Gene Simmons’s Ever Seen

The Most Infuriating Movie Gene Simmons's Ever Seen

One of the most amazing musicians of all time, KISS legend Gene Simmons posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed the most irritating movie he has ever seen.

Gene Simmons said that the last movie he saw, Under The Silver Lake was really irritating and that the movie meant nothing to him.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote:

“Saw the craziest, most infuriating movie that meant ..nothing. “Under The Silver Lake”. Couldn’t tell you what the story was about. Anyone see this?”

A Twitter user named David Rosales made a controversial response:

“I saw the most infuriating videos from one of my favorite bands of all time KISS. You and Paul have never been afraid to squeeze a dollar out of a stone but your ticket prices are rediculous. Your show is even worse than the Rolling Dinosaurs’s Show You brought some to your name.”

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