The daughter of the Led Zeppelin member slept with the rock icon

The daughter of the Led Zeppelin member slept with the rock icon

Led Zeppelin leader Robert Plant recently paid tribute to John Bonham with an emotional photo, but Candlebox leader Kevin Martin had a different kind of story when he discussed the iconic Los Angeles nightclub, The Viper Room, In the podcast Five questions (or more), presented by former Scott Weiland and Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black. Here, Martin tells a story about the time he dated Zoe Bonham, the daughter of the acclaimed Led Zeppelin icon, John Bonham, and how he, along with former teenage idol Leif Garrett, had to be a roadie in a show. Jimmy Page refused to join a large supergroup was revealed earlier this week.

Black: I remember one time I was playing a gig and you and Leif Garrett were roadies for us basically when we were playing with Zoe Bonham.

Martin: Oh my God, yeah I remember that. I was dating Zoe at the time.

Black: I didn’t know you that well then, I got to know you through playing with Zoe Bonham who is John Bonham’s daughter and also hanging out at The Standard, you’d hand out at the Standard with [name unclear].

Martin: Yup, yup. Well, I think my first, real connection with you was watching you with Golden State and I loved your playing and that was my thing, so when we were jamming with Zoe, Leif and I, oh, my God this is so funny.

Black: That’s the thing I look up and it’s Kevin Martin and Leif Garrett helping us with our gear.

Martin: Yeah, well because I was dating Zoe and I think Leif loved her, so.

Black: Yeah, she was great, she is great. Zoe’s an awesome writer, musician, and singer.  That was an interesting story.

Later in the podcast, Martin revealed how former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts member, Tommy Black was close to joining Candlebox.

Martin: Well yeah, listen, we’ve been friends for longer than I think we realize. You were one of the guys that I asked to try out for Candlebox, you remember that? We were rehearsing over there at that studio that’s off of Wilcox or wherever the fuck it is and I remember Pete telling me: “I don’t know, I think he’s too cool for the band.”  And I’m like: “That’s kind of what we want, isn’t it?”

Black: I like this story.

Martin: You didn’t get the gig because you were “too cool” for Pete so maybe you intimidated Pete too much. So we’ve been stuck with Adam and Adam’s been stuck with us ever since.

Black: Doug with Adam. That’s a pretty good thing to be stuck with, he made the right decision.

Martin: Nah man, I love you, I would love to have you play with me all the time.

Black: Me too but Adam is a sweetheart and a real talented person. We just did that fantasy camp together, Adam is amazing.


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