Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Broke his Silence: Tortilla Man is Jack Black?

Corey Taylor

While everyone is so curious about the true identity of the new Slipknot member, Tortilla Man, the legendary Slipknot leader, Corey Taylor, broke his silence indirectly on Twitter.

A user named John Starosky posted a new tweet on his social media account tagging Corey Taylor and claimed that Tortilla Man is Jack Black.

In case Corey didn’t respond, he retweeted that message.

Here is what John wrote:

“@CoreyTaylorRock @slipknot I think #TortillaMan is @jackblack.

I mean come on. Corey loves @tenaciousd and Jack is a classically trained musician. #EvenIfItsNotTrueItWouldBeAwesome”

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