Slipknot Net Worth

Slipknot Net Worth: Slipknot is an American metal band that has a net worth of $ 20 million. Slipknot is composed of Shawn Crahan, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Chris Fehn and Jim Root. Previous members include Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Josh Brainard, Brandon Darner, Greg Welts, Anders Colsefni and Donnie Steele. Slipknot is known for its striking image, aggressive musical style and lively and chaotic live shows. Formed in 1995 in the unlikely context of Des Moines, Iowa, Slipknot experienced some first staff shifts before they finally settled around an alignment of nine pieces, which ordered 0-8. Paul Gray (# 2) died in May 2010 and Joey Jordison (# 1) left the group in December 2013, leaving seven remaining members. At the beginning of his training, the music scene in Des Moines was quite non-existent in terms of notable acts and Slipknot’s audition was generally in disbelief and ridicule, which generated the initial spark of his mostly anonymous visuals. Without a recording budget, the band had to self-finance their first project, whose cost reached around $ 40,000 and the distribution was in the hands of the band and its producer Sean McMahon. The band made their first tour in 1999 when they were part of Ozzfest, a tour that served to expand their fan base and Slipknot released a self-titled album in June 1999.

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