Slipknot’ Corey Taylor We Are Not Gonna Confirm It

Slipknot' Corey Taylor We Are Not Gonna Confirm It

Legendary Slipknot leader Corey Taylor had a Sirius / XM | Trunk Nation by Eddie Trunk and revealed that they will never confirm the identity of the band’s mysterious boy, Tortilla Man.

Blabber Mouth transcribed the statements of Corey Taylor. This is what Corey said about the Tortilla Man

“For us, it’s more about just keeping the spirit alive. ‘New guy’ doesn’t care. Even if somebody gets it right, we’re not gonna confirm it. It’s one of those things. For us, it’s more about getting the band out there.

Because, to be honest, the one thing that kind of reminded us that the band is more important is that even after the album came out, people were still into the band no matter who was in it.

So, to us, it’s a reminder that the band is more important than worrying about conjuncture about who ‘Tortilla Guy’ is. So we just basically politely answer those questions, but never fully commit to any correct answers.”

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