Slash Has Once Again Paid Tribute to Eddie Van Halen, Calling Him a Guitar “Innovator,”


Slash has once again paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen, calling him an “innovator” of the guitar, “a talented musician” and “an incredible artist.”

The Guns N’ Roses guitarist offered his last comments in a new interview with Consequence Of Sound that focused primarily on the new Guns N’ Roses pinball machines, as well as his new custom collection featuring Gibson Guitars.

Slash said: “The thing about Eddie is that he was such a talented musician. Any instrument that he would have chosen to play would have been phenomenal because he had that pure musical talent. And he chose the guitar because that’s what turned him on. And that someone With that kind of musical talent he would get excited about rock ‘n’ roll, the guitar was something unique in itself, because most of us guitarists are a ragged rock ‘n’ rollers group who don’t have much technical ability or schooling. We just went for this raw thing. And he had that, but he also had this musical gift, kind of a classic. Then on top of that, being someone like Les Paul, who hears something in his head or has an idea and creates it. So he turned him into a triple threat. He was a great guitarist, but he was also an amazing musician, so he made his guitar so much better. And then he was an innovator on top of that, creating new things with whatever he was. Happen to him. As an amazing artist, p daub “.

The day Eddie died, Slash told WGN News that he was “a little shocked” by the passing of the legendary Van Halen guitarist. “It’s hard for me to say anything verbally, other than that I’m devastated,” he said. “Eddie was really cool. And I’ve been talking to him, we’ve been texting. And I knew he was sick, but I didn’t want to ask him how sick he was. But he was in a hospital in Los Angeles for a while. And I knew he was sick. [expletive] was over, but I wasn’t expecting that at all today. So I’m stunned. ”

When asked what he thinks Eddie’s legacy will be, Slash told WGN News: “Eddie changed the way he played guitar. I took up the guitar, I guess it was 1979, 1980. The first Van Halen album was released. , and Steven Adler, who was GUNS N The original ‘ROSES’ drummer, when we were kids, we used to hang out and drop out of school and go to the pizzeria and all of that. And we used to listen to the first Van Halen record, and it was crazy. It was, like, ‘What [expletive]?’

“He changed the way he played the guitar,” Slash continued. “He was an incredible musician, an incredible guitarist, an incredible innovator, and an incredible guy. And we really lost a huge contributor to rock and roll today.”

Eddie died on October 6 at St. John Hospital in Santa Monica, California. His wife, Janie, was by his side, along with his son, Wolfgang, and Alex, Eddie’s brother, and Van Halen‘s drummer.

Van Halen‘s iconic axeman died of complications from cancer, his son confirmed.

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