Sammy Hagar Give an Update on His Forthcoming Musical Project

Sammy Hagar

Former Van Halen vocalist and current The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar has appeared on Instagram, dressed as a fancy Santa Claus, to give an update on his upcoming music projects and reacted to a fan who was in awe of him. as if to sit on Hagar’s lap.

On New Year’s Eve, like many artists, Sammy Hagar wrapped up 2020 and announced his rather exciting plans for 2021. Hagar appeared on camera to deliver the big news that The Circle will release a record blocking session in the first month. of the new year, as well as a new video of the lockdown session before the album’s release.

The great singer also hinted at the new parties in California for next year. Having promoted a lot to his fans through his Santa Claus video, Sammy Hagar received some amazing comments, praising his cool outlook and joyful news.

While most of his fans said they love Hagar’s enthusiasm and style, one of his fans made a somewhat extreme comment, which amused Sammy. The fan said that Sammy is the cutest Santa Claus he has ever seen and asked if he could sit on his lap. Hagar didn’t say a word, however, his emojis showed that he laughed a lot at it.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his video:

“It’s that time of the year.”

He revealed his plans for 2021 in his video as:

“Hey everyone, Sammy Clause here. And yes, I do like a good laugh. I just want to say happy holidays, Christmas, new year, all that to all redheads out there. We had a pretty good time considering 2020, the greatest year ever. You know, we got Cali in the party out of it and a future party in Cali, a new place for us to party.

We got a lockdown session record which will be out the first weekend of January. Everyone was saying, ‘Oh! Put that on a record.’ So we’re doing it. Why not? Last but not least, we have a little present from The Circle to you, our last lockdown session, which is Santa’s going out for Christmas, will be coming out anytime now.

I think it’s almost done. But anyway, happy holidays. I love you. Happy that you’re all safe and we’ll get back to business here in 2021. I guarantee it, alright? Peace out.”

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