Best 19 Pop Smoke Quotes

Pop Smoke Quotes

I prepare 19 Pop Smoke quotes for fans. If you think Pop Smoke was one of the best rappers in the world then you must read the Pop Smoke quotes.

“I just wanna be alone.” – Pop Smoke


“I’m the underground king.” – Pop Smoke


“Niggas sayin’ they outside.” – Pop Smoke


“I see a Opp and i drop folk.” – Pop Smoke


“My whole life has changed
Since you came in
I knew back then
You were that special one”
– What You Know Bout Love by Pop Smoke


“I did some wrong, but I’m always right”
– For the Night by Pop Smoke


“If I tell you once, won’t tell you twice, yeah
I’m a thief in the night (thief in the night)”
– For the Night by Pop Smoke


“You know, I never found love until I looked between your eyes”
– Mood Swings by Pop Smoke


“Everything’s signed, it’s sealed
Baby girl, let me know if your love is real”
– Yea Yea by Pop Smoke


“You cannot say Pop & forget the Smoke.” – Pop Smoke


“I’m rich but I’m ridin’, I’m low on exotic.” – Pop Smoke


“I’m up in all the stores When it rains, it pours.” – Pop Smoke


“Never thought this pain ah last so many years.” – Pop Smoke


“Be in control of your own s**t and your creations.” – Pop Smoke


“Nobody innocent if you ain’t dead better lay down.” – Pop Smoke


“Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on many men.” – Pop Smoke

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