Plies Hold Funeral Service For His Old Gold teeth


Each artist will reach a point in their career where they will evolve. Plies appears to be next on the list, as the “Bust it Baby” rapper has made the public announcement that he has left behind his infamous gold teeth.

The rapper posted a video on Instagram of him Thursday morning showing him poking his teeth into a container and then beginning to bury the container in the ground. To top it off, Plies had a sad melody playing in the background as he recalled the good times he has had with the gold teeth over the years.

“As they say, all great things come to an end. So I’m going to bury my gold teeth. Heavenly Father, thank you. Forgiving me these gold teeth. He made a lot of money off them and I ate some of the best nooki this world has ever seen. In the future, I am a different me, “says the rapper before taking a deep breath.

“I just removed and buried my gold teeth !!!!!! I never thought in a million years this day would come !! I wanted elevation so I came out of faith! I ate a good pussy with Doe’s teeth !!!! I heard that women love men with pretty smiles !! “He wrote it as a title.

“RIP Gold teeth, you lasted WELL beyond your time,” commented a fan below the post.

“Damn. It’s a sad day in Florida. A piece of history just got buried,” commented another fan.

During the gold teeth funeral, Plies has yet to give her fans a glimpse of the pearly whites.

How different do you think Plies will look with his new grill?

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