Oranssi Pazuzu has released “Uusi teknokratia” off their upcoming album Mestarin kynsi

Oranssi Pazuzu has just released a new track at the perfect time. While most people around the world are taking precautions to limit their exposure, and further spread, of the coronavirus, the Finnish psychedelic black metal band has released “Uusi teknokratia” from their upcoming album Mestarin kynsi.

Mestarin kynsi translates as The Master’s Claw, while the song title “Uusi teknokratia” means “A New Technocracy“. The heavily atmospheric outage will certainly resonate with metalheads currently in quarantine and isolation, either self-imposed or government mandated.

In a new interview with Prog Sphere, singer-guitarist Jun-His explains: “In this we wanted to make a slightly more focused soundscape and the world. Previously we made a sound wall with ten people with the album Waste of Space Orchestra, so we thought we can’t make that bigger or anything like that. It is better to go in another direction, which means, for us, more focused and more space between the elements. On a practical level, we brought in some new technologies with samples and that sort of thing. ”

He continues: “In the beginning we had this idea that maybe we could try to make pieces that represent and feel like we’re doing spells or courses, something that will influence people in mysterious ways, and maybe ways that don’t necessarily think about it.”

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