Only A True Roger Waters Fan Can Get 9/10 On This Quiz

What band was Roger Waters in?

What instrument did Roger Waters mostly play?

What did he major in during college?

How many solo albums does he have?

When did he leave Pink Floyd?

What is the name of his current tour?

When was he born?

What was his last album with Pink Floyd?

First Pink Floyd album?

What country is Roger Waters from?

14 thoughts on “Only A True Roger Waters Fan Can Get 9/10 On This Quiz

  1. The quizz answer to the question re how many solo albums is wrong. You will find there’s 7, if you include solo the classical opera album, which is still an album, just a non rock one, and the compilation album Flickering Flame, which includeed previously unreleased material at that point. Plus one live album and 4 solo rock albums. So I got 9/10.

  2. Rogers water has made 5 solo album not 4 as you suggested….
    Music from the body
    The pros and cons
    Radio kaos
    Amused to death and
    Is this the life we really want

  3. Are you counting Flickering Flame as a solo album? If so, he has five solos (Pros and Cons, KAOS, Flickering Flame, Ca Ira and Is this the Life

  4. I have 6 solo albums by Roger Waters and I’m not even counting on THE FINAL CUT, Gilmour has already stated that he should not have left the PF, but, solo album from RW, THE ANSWER ONLY IS WRONG: AMUSED TO DEATH, RADIO CAOS, INT HE FLESH, FLICKERING FLAME, THE PROS AND CONS OF HITCH HACKING AND IS THIS THE LIFE WE REALLY WANT.

  5. Necesitan actualizar su información, puse que tiene 6 discos de solista y Mela marcaron mal, que tiene 4, veamos..
    1- The Body.
    2 The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hinking.
    3- Radio KAOS.
    4- Amused to Dead.
    5- Cą Ira.
    6- This os The life thai Really Want.
    Seis discos en total.

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