Michael Jackson‘s Son Prince Jackson Posted a Video of His Sister Paris Jackson‘s New Music Clip

Prince, the legendary son of pop star Michael Jackson, posted a video of his sister Paris Jackson‘s new video clip, for which he was a producer, and mentioned how excited he is about his successful work.

Michael Jackson‘s only daughter, Paris Jackson, followed in her father’s path and became a musician and activist. Paris and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glen, formed the band called “The Soundflowers” and released their first self-titled album on June 23, 2020. The Soundflowers album consisted of five tracks.

Paris and her brother Prince Jackson worked together on the first video clip for The Soundflower. Prince was the producer of the music video for her song, “Your Look (Glorious)”.

Recently on Instagram, Prince Jackson shared a small part of The Soundflowers’ “Your Look” music video. Apparently, as the producer of the clip, Prince was very proud of his collaboration with Paris. In the legend of his post, he referred to Paris’ success in achieving his dreams and mentioned how excited he was about the product they presented.

This is what Prince Jackson stated in the title of his latest Instagram post:

I’m so excited y’all. Today we release my extended, cinematic cut for The Soundflowers new song ‘Your Look.’

I’m so proud of my sis Paris Jackson for following her dreams and so ecstatic that we got to create art on this level. Hit the link in my bio to see the extended video.

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