Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Has Shared Rare Photos

The daughter of legendary musician Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, has shared many rare photos of herself with her brother, Prince Jackson, through her official Instagram page.

In the recent Instagram post, Paris Jackson has shared some photos of themselves that belong to their childhood and, of course, has an important reason for doing so.

Today is such a special day for Prince Jackson because he is celebrating his 23rd birthday. Paris Jackson did not forget his brother’s important day and wrote a heartbreaking message to celebrate his birthday.

Here’s the birthday message of Paris:

“This guy. Right here. Greatest big brother and role model a girl could ever hope for. You already know all the things that I want to say to you, so this Instagram thing is just for shits and gigs.

Thanks for being my twin and my bestie, I love you for always til the sun is swallowed by darkness and even after. Happy Birthday ♥️”

An Instagram user named Mary Jane Runway commented:

“Happy birthday Prince?Jackson. Keep loving and protecting each other siblings. Family first❤️?.”

Another user named Nicola Angelos wrote this:

“Omg. SO cute!!! Happy birthday!!”

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