Metallica’s Ron McGovney Made a Sad Retirement Announcement

Co-founder and first bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney answered a question he received from one of his fans on Twitter and made a sad retirement announcement.

First, Ron has shared a really weird photo with Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich while they were playing. After seeing this image, a fan called fastfingers4 wondered if Ron is still playing bass after all these years.

Ron responded to this fan and declared that he is inactive in the music industry and that he has no plans to play again. In this way, he announced his retirement from the scene.

Here is what Ron McGovney captioned earlier:

“James and I are wearing our Leather Charm gear in this early Metallica photo. We played Maiden’s Remember Tomorrow and Wrathchild. Quiet Riot’s Slick Black Cadillac. Scorpion’s Pictured Life. Originals…Hit the Lights, Handsome Ransom, Let’s Go Rock and Roll.”

A fan user named fasfingers4 replied:

“I see Dave in there. Do you still play I hope.”

Ron made it really clear:


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