Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Revealed How The Band Threatened

Jimmy Page

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page shared another retro photo on his official and verified Instagram page and added a rare story to his iconic “On this day” section.

Jimmy Page revealed how the band threatened by hurricanes Florance and Gilbert.

Here is the story below:

“On this day in 1988, I played the USF Sundome in Tampa, FL with Outrider.⁣

Settling into the Outrider tour, and by this, our third date, the band were playing really well together but these early dates were threatened by hurricanes Florence and Gilbert, with imminent arrival predicted. ⁣

Here at Tampa, with the threat of elemental attack, we played with the audience slightly down on the expected turn out. I had played the Atlantic 40th only recently and it wasn’t quite as I had hoped.

And this performance may have affected the attendance of early shows along with the hurricane. It didn’t take long for the shows to gain momentum and the venues to start filling, once the word had got out that I was alive and kicking.⁣

Photo © 1988 Neal Preston”

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