KISS’s Gene Simmons aid that “it was awful” For His Project

Gene Simmons

KISS bassist Gene Simmons published the poster of a movie in which he was an actor, “Never Too Young To Die,” and said it was a horrible movie.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE. 1986. A pretty awful film I was in. Can’t wait to read your comments.”

A fan named Riot said:

“ok gene not gonna lie u were pretty sexy in that movie”

A Twitter user named Emma said:

“Nothing is awful if you’re in it, Gene. You can make anything awesome.”

Another fan named Andrew said:

“Well, Gene, I’ve never seen that movie, so I don’t have any comments for you. Sorry.”

Another user named Gary wrote:

“I owned a video rental shop back then …, not a great renter either Gene.”

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